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During the holiday months, house fires tend to be a common occurrenceA faulty holiday light or a burning candle could become a holiday fire in an instant. Fortunately, we’ve provided some budget-friendly tips to prevent a holiday fire from ruining your season of joy.


Use LED Candles Instead of Burning Wax Candles

The use of wax candles significantly increases the chance of a holiday fire in your home. It’s far too easy to simply knock one over. To remove the chances a candle puts you in a poor holiday mood, don’t use traditional candles. Many companies are manufacturing low-cost LED candles to prevent home fires. INot only are they safe but these candles are versatile. They can be placed practically anywhere, including near electronics.

Turn Off the Holiday Lights

Many homeowners put a lot of time and effort into decorating for the holidays. You yourself may put lights around your home’s trim, in the yard, and, of course, on your tree. The lights might look great and help ring in the holiday spirit but these lights could be the cause of a house fire. This is why you should never leave your home or head to bed while your lights are still on.


Keep Extinguishers Close

All homes should have a fire extinguisher on hand. If yours does not, then it’s time to invest in one. There are many different types of fires, and, in some instances, water isn’t going to cut it. Luckily for you, there are different types of fire extinguishers available for purchase. Armed with the right fire extinguisher for the job will keep those small holiday fires at bay.


If A Holiday Fire Occurs

Once a holiday fire breaks out, knowledge on what to do in an emergency situation can save your life and your home. If you’re unable to extinguish the fire, then contact emergency services immediately. Once the flames have been put out and you are allowed to re-enter your home, salvage what you can. This is most true for especially important papers, documents, and valuables. Make sure you have your home insurance policy on hand and document the damage with plenty of photos.

It always pays to be well prepared for whatever the future brings. This is also why you should have a restoration company you know and trust. Mission Restorations has experts in fire, water, and mold restoration. If ever in need of services, don’t hesitate to call the best damage restoration team in Charlotte and its surrounding areas at 704-727-2000.

Avoiding A Holiday Fire On A Budget
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