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The procedure for fire damage restoration has many steps to it.  The first and possibly most important step is to board up the affected areas. This prevents further damage from spreading to other parts of your home.  A disaster, such as a fire, can be devastating and leave you feeling helpless.  To give you some knowledge and peace of mind, we put together the following information on the fire damage cleanup process.

Boarding up the Property

When a fire happens, firefighters usually break the doors and windows and cut holes in the roof in order to put out the fire.  After the fire has been put out, you are left with such damages. Mission Restorations will help board up the roof, windows, and doors to prevent vandalism and further damage. Areas where the fire occurred will also be tested for asbestos.

Structure Drying and Temporary Stabilization

Another destruction caused by putting out a fire is water damage.  In order to prevent rot and mold, we will dry all the affected areas.  We will also make sure the destroyed areas will be temporarily stabilized, allowing for safe entry.

Smoke and Soot Damage

When a fire can be controlled and put out, the fire itself usually only destroys materials in that area.  However, the air currents from the flames will cause the smoke and soot to be pushed into every corner of the building.  The soot residue permeates ceilings, walls, dishes, and inside every cabinet.  Chemical residue and smoke smell are spread throughout the property as well. To get rid of the odor, the HVAC system and ductwork need to be cleaned.  We also use our Hydroxyl equipment to eliminate the smoke smell from the entire building.

Damaged Materials

After the property is safe to enter and has been dried, all damaged materials will be inventoried, removed and discarded.

 FYI:  One of the most common household items to easily catch fire is a mattress. Make sure to keep flames and heat sources away from mattresses.  Never leave candles unattended.

Cleanup of Personal Items

If there are any belongings that can be salvaged, Mission Restorations will pack and move them to our facility for cleaning.  These items will then be stored on site until repairs to your home or business are finished. At that time, we will return your belongings to your property.

Complete Restoration

Mission Restorations is a professional and licensed Charlotte fire damage restoration company prepared to help anywhere in the Greater Charlotte area. We are certified with the IICRC and have extensive training and experience in restoring properties that have suffered fire damage. As we work closely with your insurance company, we’ll make sure you receive the most payout for your trouble.  This starts when we send out a repair estimator to meet with you and look over what needs to be done.  An estimate will then be written, a repair contract signed, and then work can begin!

Cleanup and Restoration
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