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Nothing can really prepare you for the outcome of a fire disaster. Often time you’re left searching for answers on what to do next. You’ve called a local fire damage restoration team to assist you. But what now? Below, we’ve provided a few frequently asked fire damage questions to help you in this trying time.


Fire Damage FAQ

What Can I Clean Myself?

A DIY approach cleanup job following a fire is never something we would recommend. It’s possible you could do more harm than good in an attempt to salvage some of the damaged contents. You can sort through items as much as possible, setting aside high priority items, until the restoration team arrives. The more fragile the item, then the more quickly it will need to be restored. Separating items by priority will help the restoration team once they arrive.

How Long Will the Restoration Process Take?

The damage done will determine the length of time and complexity of the restoration. A single, small room fire will take considerably less time to restore than a larger area.

Will I Need to Vacate the Premises for a Long Period of Time Following a Fire?

This will depend on the extent of the damage done. If the home has sustained extensive damage, lacks structural stability, or has no utilities available then it may be best to vacate. If the fire was contained to a single room, you may be able to stay, depending on the smell, the sounds of fire damage restoration work, and other concerns.

What Should I Keep in My Possession if I Leave?

Bring all valuables and items that will be difficult to replace easily along with you when you leave. Don’t leave cash or checkbooks, medications, important personal documents, or expensive items available to potential thieves.

Should I Pack Up My Belongings?

It’s best to leave them on-site so that the restoration team has easier access to them. Most prefer to be able to do as much restoration on-site as possible. At times, if the building is failing due to structural integrity then it may not be a safe place for the team to work. If a situation like this occurs, then the team will carefully inventory any items that are removed, pack and transport them to a secure facility for restoration. In some cases, the items are high-value and may need the services of a specific restoration expert. In these situations, the team will work with your insurance company to find a qualified specialist to take the project.

Will I Have Access to the Items Located in the Facility?

With advanced notice, access to documents, clothing, and other important items should be available at the facility. The team can schedule one of their helpful technicians to help you access your items quickly and efficiently.


When Will I Be Able to Turn on the Air Conditioner or Furnace Again?

Not until it’s been thoroughly checked by an HVAC technician. The system could have suffered damage by the fire unknowingly, and use of it could cause new problems. You also want to be sure the system won’t pump soot and smoke through your home.

It always pays to be well prepared for whatever the future brings. This is also why you should have a restoration company you know and trust. Mission Restorations has experts in fire, water, and mold restoration. If ever in need of services, don’t hesitate to call the best damage restoration team in Charlotte and its surrounding areas at 704-727-2000.

Answering Your Fire Damage Questions
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