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Homeowner fire safety is a top priority. There are many hazards in which you may not even be aware. Improper storage and handling of fireworks can be detrimental to one’s home or person. The improper use of household electronics can result in fires, injury, and even death. Smoking is bad for your health but not showing caution while smoking can lead to further injury. The experts at Mission restorations have provided you a list of general fire safety tips to follow and avoid these disastrous outcomes.


It is recommended that you attend public displays conducted by professionals in order to avoid potential dangers to yourself or your home. If you are going to want to handle fireworks on your own, you will need to ensure they are stored and handled properly. “Fireworks cause an average of 18,500 reported fires and injure around 9,300 people a year in the U.S.” according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Follow these fire safety tips to ensure proper storage and use of fireworks.

Safe Storage

  • Keep fireworks safely stored outside and away from the general living areas. A securely locked storage shed is the ideal location. Never store them or other explosives inside self-storage units;
  • Ensure that they remain dry. If it is necessary to secure them in a damp area, then make sure to wrap them up in sealed plastic bags;
  • Keep them away from heat sources and other flammable materials;
  • Ensure they are locked safely away from children and pets.

Safe Use

  • Keep them out of the hands of children. This includes firecrackers and sparklers. Sparklers account for more than one-quarter of all fireworks injuries;
  • Refrain from using fireworks while intoxicated or impaired;
  • Only use fireworks outside, in a clear, open area;
  • Reschedule use if the weather is windy. The winds can carry sparks into nearby buildings and shrubbery, causing a fire;
  • Make sure to have a way to extinguish fires close by in case one occurs;
  • Wear safety glasses while lighting fireworks;
  • Keep your body away from the fireworks when igniting the fuse to avoid unwanted injury;
  • Spectators should keep a safe distance from the origin point of ignition;
  • Do not handle malfunctioning fireworks and light only one at a time.

Household Appliances

If a machine in your home runs of electricity or gas, then it should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Below you will find a few essential fire safety tips for when handling household appliances.

  • Ensure all appliances are at a safe distance from wet areas;
  • Keep flammable items away from heat sources;
  • Repair all malfunctioning appliances, especially those that sputter or produce sparks while running;
  • Never force a three-prong plug into a two-prong outlet nor should you ever run cords beneath carpets or rugs;
  • Replace and repair damage or frayed wiring;
  • Unplug electrical appliances when not in use;
  • Never use aluminum foil or other metals inside a microwave;
  • Before using the range, check for the smell of gas inside or near the oven;
  • Clean out the lint from the vent pipe of your clothes dryer annually;
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home.


The best way to avoid a cigarette fire is to simply not smoke. However, if it can’t be helped, we’ve provided a few fire safety tips to ensure a safer environment.

  • Only smoke outside and make sure that all embers are extinguished before discarding the cigarette;
  • NEVER smoke in bed. You can fall asleep, drop the cigarette, and start a fire;
  • NEVER smoke while intoxicated. People rarely follow this tip and it can lead to personal injury to self or others. This is also true for smoking while tired;
  • Keep children away from smoking materials by placing them out of reach;
  • If you use electronic cigarettes, then practice caution. Improper use of the lithium batteries can result in accidental injury;
  • NEVER leave a lit cigarette unattended. This is a sure way to cause a cigarette fire.

There’s no telling when a disaster can occur. We hope that by following our fire safety tips and practicing caution you will avoid injury and costly fire damages. Should your home suffer fire damage, then you should reach out to your local fire damage restoration professionals right away.

It always pays to be well prepared for whatever the future brings. This is also why you should have a restoration company you know and trust. Mission Restorations has experts in fire, water, and mold restoration. If ever in need of services, don’t hesitate to call the best damage restoration team in Charlotte and its surrounding areas at 704-727-2000.

Fire Safety Tips for Homeowners
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