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As a homeowner, you may experience damages to your home and will need to make an insurance claim.  Mission Restorations is a company that has extensive experience dealing with these situations. Let us show you how this process works.

Insurance Claim Approval

Step 1

We fax the Business License, W-9, and the Contract to the insurance company when we start the job. Then, we begin the follow-up process right away. Supporting Documentation is also sent to them, including:

  • Notes Outlining Activity
  • Equipment Information
  • Risk and Progress Photos
  • A link giving online access to the account that is frequently updated
  • Moisture Readings and Drying Logs

By giving the insurance company all of this information quickly, your claim will have justification. It will show what is required for your home repairs.

Step 2

The mitigation estimate is completed when the job is done. We send it promptly to your insurance company.

Many insurance claim adjusters use the same software for writing estimates as we do!

Step 3

All applicable documentation and the estimate are then sent in. Within 24 hours of completion, we start discussing your coverage with the adjusters. An adjuster is someone trained in assessing the damage. We talk with both inside and outside adjusters to guarantee that you get all the coverage you need. Reconstruction coverage is also discussed at that time.

It is important to note that you need to work with a fully licensed and insured contractor, such as Mission Restorations, in order to receive the full payout from your insurance company!

Step 4

We are the go-between for you as we talk to adjusters and make sure that the information is clear.

Mission Restorations has over 100+ years of combined experience and expertise in this field. We will help you get your house in order as efficiently as possible!

Step 5

It is important to us that we follow up promptly with the insurance company.  We contact them frequently to secure quick processing, honest handling, and swift payment.

Throughout the entire process, we make sure that your insurance company has everything they need in order to process your claim.

Step 6

No matter how thorough our procedures are, there are unforeseen circumstances that may cause delays or issues with processing claims.  Rest assured, we will continue to work hard to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Overview of the Payment Process

1)      The Approval of your Claim

2)      Checks Delivered

  • Checks will be given to you, Mission Restorations, and/or your mortgage company.
  • If the mortgage company is on the check, it needs to be approved and processed by them before we can receive payment.
  • Mission Restorations helps collect from your mortgage company’s Loss/Draft Department.

3)      The insurance claim has been completed, and you receive your check!

Another perk to hiring Mission Restorations is that we do repairs and reconstruction. Your insurance company already has all of our information. Plus, we know what damage has been done, and what repairs need to get under way. Because we have already discussed your loss claim with the insurance company, we can smoothly get to the next step of composing reconstruction estimates with your adjusters.  After the cleanup and prevention of further damage, we can then easily move on to restoring your home to its proper order.

Hiring Mission Restorations is your best option to get the most out of your insurance claim and receive the best reconstruction possible for your home.  Call now! 704-727-2000

Claim Process & Approval
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