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It can be overwhelming to know what to do after experiencing disaster and damage to your home.  There are financial losses as well as the loss of personal possessions.  Property damage can happen in a myriad of ways (such as fires or floods) and usually happen out of the blue.  You can feel less stressed knowing that you are not alone and that a damage restoration service company is there to help you each step of the way.

Property Damage by Water

Most people use property damage restoration services for the most frequent kind of destruction affecting homes; water damage.  It obviously affects those in areas that flood easily but also happens to people who live in very dry climates as well.  All homes today have some form of plumbing, and most homes have more than ever. This eventually causes problems and needs fixing.  There are:

  • intricate sprinkler systems working on automatic timers
  • multiple bathrooms with large bathtubs
  • dishwashers that use a lot of water
  • And More

These are all prone to cause water damage at some point.  Where there is spoilage from water, you can bet there will be mold damage, too. The issues with mold damage will be mentioned later, but it is important to make sure that when there is water damage in the home, it is also checked for mold.

The Process of Restoration from Water Damage

Timing is vital when dealing with water damage.  It is crucial that you hire trained property damage restoration professionals to immediately dry and monitor the affected areas.  When the team of damage restoration experts arrive, the first thing they will do is survey the situation. They will decide how to most effectively fix the damages. This is a key part in the process of restoring your home back to normal.

Then, they will use powerful vacuums and pumps to get rid of the water. This can sometimes be thousands of gallons. Doing so will help in preventing any mold damage that could occur. Next, in order to remove hard to reach water particles, they will dehumidify and dry the home. Lastly, the restoration professionals will put your possessions back where they were after cleaning and sanitizing the ones that were affected by the damage.

Property Damage by Fire

Similar to water damage, there is also the possibility of property damage caused by fire.  Many items like ovens and electrical outlets can easily cause a fire in the home without warning.  Fires can affect entire cities and neighborhoods and happen more often in very dry places such as deserts or mountains.  Fire damage restoration is one of the most vital and frequently used damage restoration services. This is because fires spread very rapidly and consume almost everything in their path. In addition to the fire, smoke is also a huge factor in ruining homes, leaving a film over everything.

The Process of Restoration from Fire Damage

Again, as with water damage restoration, the first and most important thing for professionals to do is thoroughly inspect the damage.  Next, they will board up any pieces of windows, doors, or walls that were affected by the fire. If needed, they will tarp the roof if it has been compromised. If any water damage has occurred, the team will follow the water removal process outlined above. Specialized equipment will then be used to remove all soot and smoke from surfaces. Finally, your belongings will be cleaned and sanitized.

Property Damage by Mold

Mold usually grows more in wet and humid climates and can cause major problems to a homeowner.  It spreads quickly, needing only one spore to travel to an opposite wall, where it cultivates and breeds.  Most of the problem areas are in damp, dark corners such as window panes and laundry rooms as well as bathrooms. This is where there is a lot of moisture and not enough ventilation.

Even though mold damage is not as drastic or obvious as fire or water damage, it can be harmful to people and animals. It can also become more dangerous the longer it’s left untreated. Untreated mold can cause structural damage to your home and thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Process of Restoration from Mold Damage

Many people are allergic to mold. However, all humans and animals can be affected by black mold, which causes severe neurological problems. Black mold is mostly found in areas that are very humid, such as Charlotte, NC.  Where there is damage from mold, there most likely is water damage as well. Make sure that when water damage is present, your home is also treated for mold prevention, especially in heavily affected areas.

To begin the process, a damage restoration professional will do a thorough inspection. Then, to prevent the spreading of the spores, they will contain the affected areas with physical barricades. Next, the air will be treated using a heavy-duty HEPA filtration system that will clean and filter the air with antimicrobial and antifungal treatments. Any materials affected by the mold, such as carpeting or dry wall, will be removed. Personal possessions such as clothing will be removed as well. Your belongings that were affected by the mold will be cleaned using the same antifungal treatments and returned back to your home.

When Disaster or Destruction Occurs, Contact an Expert

When your home has experienced some type of damage, it is imperative to hire a damage restoration service company immediately.  It is essential to get these problems taken care of before it gets worse.  A qualified, professional damage restoration company will help you efficiently and effectively get your home back to normal.

When you need the help of a water, fire, or mold damage restoration company in the greater Charlotte area, call Mission Restorations at 704-727-2000.

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  • Tiffany Locke says:

    Thanks for explaining how it’s important to immediately hire property damage restoration professionals so that they can start drying and monitoring the areas. Getting immediate care would probably help you prevent the problem from getting worse and get it taken care of faster. When hiring a professional, you’d probably want to research all the local options that specialize in water damage restoration so that they can get to your home as quickly as possible and start the process.