Water Damage Restoration & Mold Remediation In HuntersvilleNC

Our expert, certified technicians are available 24/7 to come to your home or office in Huntersville to restore water damage, mold damage, or fire damage.

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Huntersville Disaster Restoration
Huntersville Disaster Restoration
Huntersville Disaster Restoration
Huntersville Disaster Restoration
Huntersville Disaster Restoration

Huntersville NC

Whether it’s helping you recover from a fire or performing top-notch remediation, Mission Restorations is the reliable, full-service restoration company that homeowners and businesses can trust.  Water damage restoration, contents cleaning, and mold removal are just a few of the services that we offer.

24/7 Fast, Reliable Service in the Huntersville Area

At any time of the day, any day of the week we’re on call and ready to go. If you’ve got a water, mold, or fire damage crisis in Huntersville and are seeking an expedient resolution, then call 704-727-2000 today. Schedule a visit and we’ll have a Mission Restorations representative out there right away.

Affordable, Fast, and Effective

We understand that dealing with unforeseen complications has a way of disrupting daily life. So, we don’t want cost to be seen as yet another complication. Mission Restorations provides a competitive service at a competitive price. Our staff will work directly with your local insurance provider to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Professionally Trained, Community-Minded

Here at Mission Restorations, we’re more than just an emergency restoration contractor. We’re involved in our community and donate 10% to nonprofits that make a difference. We have a team of certified professionals to assist you through the entire process from disaster to restored property. Our members care about the local communities and have firsthand knowledge of the area.

We continue to help families and business owners such as yourself through many disasters. With Mission Restorations you receive professional results every single time.

Commercial Customers

We understand the issues that arise when your daily routine is brought to a standstill. Downtime at your business means lost revenue and customers. You can trust Mission Restorations to get your business back up and running on all cylinders as soon as possible. Count on us to return your office to “business as usual” ensuring that your staff and customers feel safe and comfortable.

Emergency Services in Huntersville:

Water Damage Restoration in Huntersville

Using the world’s fastest drying system and state-of-the-art moisture detection system, Mission Restorations is able to remove standing water and eliminate residual moisture efficiently. We’re then able to repair all damages to your structure, restoring your daily routine and giving you peace of mind.

Mold Remediation in Huntersville

If you think you have a mold problem, then you’ll want to call Mission Restorations at 704-727-2000. Our trained and certified technicians will come and provide an initial inspection to detect a mold growth issue. We’ll then use the latest technology and techniques to rid your structure of the health risk and help prevent any future recurrence.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Huntersville

After a fire has occurred, Mission Restorations will prevent further damages by securing your structure. The technicians will ventilate the property, contain the area to prevent additional damages, and remove all contents from the building. We’ll then clean all area inside the building to rid the areas of soot and pollutants. All the while carefully handling your insurance claim to make sure you get the coverage necessary.

Storm Damage Restoration in Huntersville

Come heavy rains, hail, tornadoes, or hurricanes, Mission Restorations has you covered. We’ll be there to clean up the property, repair the damages dealt, and restore your property as new.

About Huntersville North Carolina

According to a US census, from 1990 to present day, Huntersville has increased in population by an estimated 51,000 citizens. Every year more and more people are discovering this amazing community.

Huntersville is a relatively young community with a median age of 35 years. The average commute is 25 miles and the diverse economy enables the community to thrive.

The city boasts 24 parks and recreational facilities, an extensive greenway and trail system, and the much-explored shoreline of Lake Normal. Birkdale Village is the place to go for shopping and a bite to eat as it provides a one-stop shopping experience.

For Nascar lovers, Huntersville is home to the Nascar Hall of Fame where you can pay tribute to the stock car legends of your choice. There is a multitude of events and tours held daily.

If you live in the Huntersville and require the assistance of a damage restoration contractor, don’t delay! Act now and call 704-727-2000 to set up an appointment today. Mission Restorations is the #1 source for all of your damage restoration needs.

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Call 24/7 for mold remediation, water damage and fire damage restoration. Located in Charlotte, NC and serving Huntersville. Water cleanup, fire restoration, mold removal, and contents restoration.

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Reason One

We donate 10% to non-profits that help our community

Our goal is to create a sustainable business that has a positive impact on our community. We do that by delighting our customers, providing sustainable careers to our team, hiring veterans, and by donating 10% of our profits to charities that make a difference.

Reason Two

We're Huntersville's #1 Restoration Company

With 150+ 5 star reviews, we’re honored to be Huntersville’s top-rated restoration company. We put our customers first and treat every home like it’s our own. Give us a call and find out why we’re Huntersville’s #1 restoration company