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For those of you who have ever had a leak in your basement inspecting for mold may be in your best interest. There are several important factors to take into consideration when dealing with a mold problem. Not the least among those is removal costs. Your decision on whether you want to go the DIY route or prefer hiring a professional will determine those costs.

Mold detection is not always easy as mold has the ability to grow in places not easily visible to the naked eye. However, if not through sight than seek out mold growth through smell. Mold has a distinct, musty odor that you’d be able to follow to the source.


Mold Detection Costs

Though affordable, the mold detection tests you can use for the DIY approach are often considered less reliable. a DIY test kit can take anywhere from one to four days and may not even yield the proper result. The idea behind the kit plate is that it will collect mold spores and provide you with a positive or negative outcome. A DIY kit will usually range from $10 to $100.

This method is not nearly as accurate as a professional testing. However, professional testing is more expensive, yet yields more accurate results than the aforementioned DIY kits. A licensed professional is also more reliable in the removal of the mold. A professional’s services will generally run you around $200 to $1000 or more depending on the mold coverage area.

DIY Mold Removal Costs and Procedure


If you decide on a DIY approach the cost will depend on the products used for mold detection and removal. Figuring out what kind of mold you’re dealing with and identifying it correctly is a great first step in deciding which kit to use.


Depending on the type of mold you’re facing, you’ll want to take precautions in the handling of it. Wear a mask or respirator to prevent breathing in spores, long sleeves, pants, and gloves to prevent physical contact with the spores, and goggles to ensure that you don’t get any in your eyes.


Prevent the spread of mold spores to other areas of the home by sealing off all air vents.


Once you understand what you’re up against and have chosen the best product for the job, then you can begin with the removal. There are numerous different methods for removal that range from chemical to natural.


Once the mold has been removed, you may want to run a HEPA vacuum in the area to remove any residual spores that have been missed.

DIY mold removal costs can range anywhere from $25 and upwards. Regardless, a professional service is always recommended and should always be considered.

It always pays to be well prepared for whatever the future brings. This is also why you should have a restoration company you know and trust. Mission Restorations has experts in fire, water, and mold restoration. If ever in need of services, don’t hesitate to call the best damage restoration team in Charlotte and its surrounding areas at 704-727-2000.


Mold Detection and Removal Costs
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