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If your property has suffered storm damage, it is crucial to act promptly. Doing so will lessen the impact on your home or business. Storms leave behind different kinds of damage that need to be taken care of appropriately. Examining the damage done to your property may seem overwhelming at first. To help, here are some guidelines for effectively handling your storm cleanup & restoration efforts.

Safety First

If there is water damage, be sure to shut off all of the power to the house. This is important as the water may have soaked into the walls and made its way to the electrical wiring. The water supply may also need to be turned off if there are any broken pipes. Avoid using the sewage system if it seems to be clogged.

Document the Damage Prior to Cleanup

When it is safe to access the property, take pictures of the damage to show to your insurance company. Take inventory of the exterior and interior of the property prior to cleanup. Make sure to get the required inspections done by qualified personnel.

Begin Roof Repair

The worst damage in a storm usually happens to the roof of the business or home. Water damage to the rest of the property gets even worse when the roof is gone. Therefore, it is vital to get the roof inspected and repaired immediately. This will protect the rest of your home or business from future storm damage.

Hiring a Storm Damage Restoration Specialist

Storm damage caused by extreme weather can cause a lot of problems for yards and buildings.  Damage caused by wind can loosen tiles or shingles on the roof, ruining the architecture of a building.  This can result in moisture leaking into the dwelling causing wood swelling and mold.  The ceiling will begin to sag, causing even more problems to deal with when cleanup comes. Weather can have harsh effects on your property. Therefore it is crucial to have a storm damage restoration service to help.

What to expect when hiring experienced storm restoration service specialists:

  • Skilled professionals from the restoration company will efficiently examine your business or home.  They will look at the interior and exterior, letting them analyze the amount of damage done.
  • In many instances, the company will discuss the details of renovation with your insurance adjuster. After everything is agreed upon, the restoration and cleanup can begin.
  • The kind of equipment used by the team will depend on what sort of damage has been done.  With flooding damage, for example, they will use special vacuums and pumps to get rid of all the water in the affected areas.
  • To help stop the chance of mold and mildew, the professionals will then bring in air movers and dehumidifiers.
  • After that, they will use special cleaners to shampoo the salvageable carpet and disinfect hard surfaces. The last thing to do will be to deodorize the area.

Contact a Cleanup & Restoration Professional

To make sure a flooded property gets the thorough cleaning and drying it needs, it is essential to hire a professional. It takes only a few hours for mold to grow. Therefore mold remediation may also be required. You can aid in the cleanup efforts by removing belongings that have not been affected by the storm. However, it is best to have the professionals come in and determine whether or not the carpet can be saved.

Even a small storm can cause a great amount of damage. But it is often the case that most of your property can be saved. Remember safety first, and then work with an experienced cleanup team.  This will ensure that your property will soon return to its former self.

For the best storm cleanup & restoration services, contact Mission Restorations at 704-727-2000 right away!

Post-Storm Cleanup & Restoration
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