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Being a victim of water damage is never pretty. Especially when the damage is done to a place as sacred as the bedroom. All it takes is a burst pipe, a leak, or a severe storm to put you in a justifiably poor mood. Homeowners insurance should be able to help with the damaged contents, but what about your carpets or hardwood floors? If you are wondering if your carpets are in need of a full replacement, you should call a restorations service like Mission Restorations, immediately.


Drying the Bedroom After Water Damage

Our experts at Mission Restorations are here to help you recover from the disruption that water damage inside your bedroom has no doubt caused. In order to prevent further damage, we will need to get your carpet dried quickly. Our experts will thoroughly examine the extent of the damage and provide you with a practical option moving forward.


Removal of Standing Water

Using submersible pumps, our team of certified professionals will be able to extract the maximum amount of water with the minimal amount of damage. The pumps allow us to pull the water from your carpets to the surface for easy disposal.


Drying the Carpet in Place

If possible, the team will opt to dry your water damaged carpet in place. Without the need to remove the carpet we can render better end results with a longer, more thorough extraction process. We do this through our thermal drying technique where we float the carpet with a thin layer of hot air. It’s the industry’s fastest and most effective way to dry a wet material like carpet and carpet pad.


Air Movers

By positioning hot air movers on the surface of the carpet, we can finalize the drying process. Using hot air movers encourages the evaporation of accumulated moisture in the carpet. We may also lift the edges to salvage the padding, often times expediting the process.


Wet Walls

At times, the carpet can be so over saturated with water that the walls it touches start to absorb the water through a process of wicking. Water can wick up walls at a rate of 6-12 inches per day, causing more damage and requiring more time with the drying process. The team will need to pull the carpet back from the wall in order to set up the drying equipment. Different tools are then used for the carpet in this situation. Lifting the carpet and allowing the air to flow beneath it, helps the drying process proceed more quickly and efficiently.


Drying the Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a bit easier to dry. However, they are no less likely to suffer serious damage. Here are a few steps to take when you feel your hardwood may suffer water damage.


Excess Water

The elimination of excess water is important to reduce any further absorption into the wood. Any visible water you can see should be removed with a cloth or water vacuum. Excessive water can even give waxed or sealed floors problems. Leaving the water can cause serious damage to the wood if enough is absorbed into the grain. Allowed to sit, the wood will swell then buckle, leaving replacement as the only option.


Amount of Absorption

Depending on the amount of water absorbed by the wood will determine the next steps taken. If the water source was minimal, simply drying the visible water from the surface should suffice. Your wood should dry normally and no further issues should arise.

If your wood has been exposed to a large amount of water, then the floor should be treated immediately by wood floor professionals.


When Dealing with Water Damage, Be Thorough

Ask yourself if the hardwood flooring is really dry. You will need to make sure prior to doing a refinish or you may actually just make the water damage worse. It is essential to check the subfloor first, prior to any refinishing. Look to make sure the water has not yet reached this layer. If it has, the wood floor professional will help determine once the floor is completely dry, enabling you to apply your finish.


The Clock is Ticking

If you’re suffering water damage in the bedroom, it is imperative you reach out as soon as possible. Prolonging the issue will only lead to more damage. You run the risk of secondary damage from mold growth which may cause unnecessary health risks and costs. Once the property is wet you have only a 24-48 hour window before mold growth can occur.


A Team You Can Trust

Make sure you choose a company with IICRC-certified technicians to take care of all your water damage needs. Here at Mission Restorations our team of highly trained experts is more than ready and up to the task. Call now at 704-727-2000 and let us take care of you and your water damage problem today.

Surviving Bedroom Water Damage
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