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Because of heavy rain and flash flooding, many homeowners will experience water damage and flooded basements. The biggest reasons for basement flooding during a storm are that a sump pump isn’t working properly or the home isn’t accurately graded. The problem, of course, is then deciding on how to deal with all the water.

The First Step

It is critical to remember safety when wanting to tackle the flood problem right away. Do not go in the basement if the power is still on. Energized outlets and wiring underneath the water can electrocute you. Make sure that your energy company has turned off the power before entering a flooded basement. Remove any items that you can so that a restoration team can begin the drying process.

Many property owners want to remove the water and dry the basement themselves. Do not do this. Hiring a professional company like Mission Restorations will guarantee that your basement is dried efficiently. They are specially trained in water damage restoration, and it is the only way to ensure no moisture remains in affected areas. Any moisture that is not extracted can turn into mold, which can be more expenses you have to deal with. If there is a serious amount of flooding, there could be damages to the floor and walls as well. You might not notice it, but a trained professional will.

Flood Cleanup and Restoration Process

There are three types of water leaks in a home:

  • Clean water, like water from a pipe leaking.
  • Gray water, which comes from washing machines or other household appliances.
  • Black water, which is water that contains sewage and other contaminants.

Flood water is categorized as black water, which means it is also a bio-hazard. This is another reason why it is important to hire a professional company instead of dealing with it on your own. A trained team has the experience to best eliminate the water and repair the damage done to your home. Here is what to expect when they arrive:

  • The flood water will be extracted and removed as fast as possible.
  • Professional grade fans will be used for high-powered drying of the affected areas.
  • High-quality dehumidifiers will then be implemented to get rid of any remaining moisture from the air.
  • The space will be inspected for any damage such as drywall deterioration or mold growth. If damage is present, the crew will do what is required to restore it, including disinfecting and deodorizing.

If you are in need of flood cleanup, Mission Restorations can help. Give our experienced Charlotte water damage restoration professionals a call at 704-727-2000.

How to Deal with Flooding
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