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A professional moisture meter is a highly effective moisture detection tool. Generally used in a wide scope of construction applications such as flooring installation. Most flooring service professionals use moisture meters to provide flawless, high-quality floors and surfaces.

Here are five reasons why moisture meters are an integral part of any high-quality flooring operation.

Moisture Readings Accuracy

Professional moisture meters provide accuracy and reliability in a range of applications. Precise moisture measurements are essential for successful and safe installations. The two primary types of moisture meters used in flooring surfaces are pin-less moisture meters and pin-type moisture meters.

Pin-less Moisture Meters

These meters use a radio frequency to scan for moisture without physically penetrating the surface. This is an ideal choice for high-quality wood floorboards. These meters are perfectly suited for larger flooring operations.

Pin-type Meters

These meters provide a more precise moisture reading than the pin-less meters. They can also identify exact moisture locations in sub-floors. This is achieved by using insulated contact pins, thus allowing for readings on all levels of penetration.

The most successful flooring operations are achieved by using both types of meters.


Efficiently Pinpoint Moisture with Combined Meter Use

Once the professional finds high moisture areas with a pin-less meter, they can then drill-down into those areas with a pin-type meter. This allows them to learn the exact moisture content percentage and identify the source of moisture.

Use of moisture meter technology in floor inspection and installation can help you avoid many types of damage.


Unsightly Damage Avoidance

To avoid cracking, shrinkage, buckling, or warping wood floor surfaces, proper moisture content levels are essential. Humidity conditions can also affect the stability of wood flooring. This makes it crucial for installers to identify their flooring’s ideal level of moisture content and measure for it.



In addition to two types of moisture meters, thermo-hygrometers are also highly effective tools. They are capable of accurately reading the relative humidity of a concrete slab.


Simple and Efficient Results

Today’s industrial moisture meters are quite easy to use. They now primarily contain simple user interfaces and clear, legible readings. Some moisture meter manufacturers even offer PC-compatible software. This makes it so that flooring professionals can download meter readings directly to a spreadsheet.

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Integral Use of Professional Moisture Meters
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