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Master Plumbers

Master plumbers are not the same as standard general contractors. What they are is highly trained and acute plumbing specialists with years dedicated to formal training and experience. A master plumber has completed a stringent and complex line of testing, training, and work to achieve master plumbing license and his coveted status. These specialists are those commonly found setting up plumbing systems for major towns, factories, commercial buildings, and industrial complexes. Ensuring that the plumbing is perfect and up to code.

Master plumbers are the top specialists in their craft. Thee jobs they accept are highly complex and sensitive, requiring an exceptional amount of knowledge and skill. The road to becoming a master plumber is often very difficult due to the degree of difficulty, dedication, time, and hard work required. Most apprentices will wind up opting for a general plumbing contractor’s license rather than pursuing a Master Plumbers License.


Features of a master plumber

•    Years of practical experience (10 or more)

•    Demonstrated mastery of the trade of plumbing

•    Certified in various areas of plumbing

•    Typically trains new plumbers

•    Extensive knowledge of plumbing codes

•    Oversees large plumbing projects

Licensed Plumbing Contractors

A licensed plumbing contractor’s services are high in demand, and their skill requires lengthy training and experience. The major difference between them and a master plumber is the area and level of plumbing they work on. General plumbing contractors typically facilitate residential and commercial plumbing projects. They still repair, maintenance, service, install and replace plumbing systems. You will also find them providing site work and excavation services for new developments and properties.


Scope of Work

The reason for the various levels of plumbing service is that plumbing work comes in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the needs of the community, the plumbing work will typically decide for itself. An industrial factory is looking for the work of a master plumber. A licensed professional plumber is a technician for home water heater repair.

This is how real estate owners can decide what type of plumber they are in the market for. If you are unsure on the type of plumber needed, always start with your local general contractor. They’ll lead you in the right direction and most likely provide the proper referrals.


What to Look for in a Quality Plumber

PHCC Membership

Make sure that your plumber belongs to the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. This is the premiere trade group for plumber and HVAC professionals, and membership shows a plumbing contractor’s dedication to quality service.

Offers Various Plumbing Services

A plumber who offers a wide number of services will generally understand your specific repair needs. Look for contractors who also handle whole-house repiping, sump pumps, kitchen remodeling, and other installations. If the plumber also handles commercial plumbing, that’s an additional plus.

Years of Experience

Minimum 10 years of experience in the field should be the cut-off for determining a good plumber. This not only indicates a plumber with plenty of hands-on-training, it shows community trust and customer satisfaction. They will have experience with the most common types of water damage over the years.

Active Online Presence

Having a great website is a good start. However, one that features numerous pages describing various plumbing services, a frequently updated blog, and current promotions is a better indicator of a busy and highly professional company. If you notice plenty of positive reviews then even better.

Positive Reviews

Check for links to reviews from the plumber’s website and find out if there are many satisfied customers. Clearly the higher the rating, then the more likely you’re getting a qualified plumber.

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Master Plumber vs Plumbing Contractor
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