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Most property owners will experience some form of water damage in their lives. Understanding the causes and prevention can save you both time and money. Water damage can occur unexpectedly and dealing with it swiftly and efficiently will help in the long run.

What Can You Do About Water Damage?

If your home or business experiences water damage, then it is crucial that you call a qualified restoration company like Mission Restorations immediately.  Standing water can warp or rot materials, and create the perfect environment for mold growth.  It can also damage electrical systems, ruin insulation, and affect carpets and furnishings.

It is imperative to stop the flow of water as fast as possible, then contain, remove and dry the affected areas. The longer you wait to fix the problem, then the more damage will be done to your furnishings and personal items. They will swell, warp and have a higher risk for mold growth.

Other helpful tips:

  • If the water is coming from a plumbing related problem, call a 24-hour emergency plumber. If you don’t know of any, contact us, and we can help!
  • Try not to walk on wet flooring or carpet. This will spread the water to previously unaffected areas of the property and potentially cause mold and mildew problems.
  • Keep the temperature below 70 degrees. This will help keep bacteria and microbes at bay since they thrive in warm temperatures.
  • Turn off all electricity in any affected rooms. Do not use electronics such as a vacuum until the restoration team says it is safe to do so.

Overflowing or Clogged Toilets

Overflowing and clogged toilets are the number one cause of water damage for homeowners. To avoid serious water damage, stay in the bathroom until the toilet bowl has finished filling. If the water begins to spill over, turn off the water supply. The damage will unlikely cause expensive repairs if it is taken care of immediately. However, if the problem is neglected, it the repairs could cost thousands of dollars. Make sure to inspect your toilet every six months to prevent issues and ensure it is running properly. It is very important to keep the flush valves and fill supply in working order. A broken fill valve (which usually regulates the water flow to your toilet) can cause a huge mess and a lot of damage. If you do experience water damage, your local hardware store will have what you need in order to fix it.

Water Damage Caused by General Plumbing Issues

Checking for general plumbing problems in your home can let you know if something is wrong before serious damage happens. Be sure to look for random noises coming from the pipeline, wet soil outside around the foundation, and rust stains on pipes. During the winter season, pipes freezing over are a major cause of plumbing issues. Run the faucets at a drip to keep water flowing and to avoid frozen pipes. If the bathroom floors are soft and feel like they are caving in, considerable damage has most likely already happened.

Washing Machine Fixtures

Water damage due to washing machine fixtures can be caused by many different things. More common occurrences are from machine overuse, small holes in the hoses left untreated for a long time, or hoses exploding. One way you can prevent damage to your washing machine is to wash smaller loads. Overloading increases water valve and hose setbacks, which can lead to high costs in repairs. Make sure to replace hoses about every five years. It will also help to leave a 3-5 inch gap between the wall and the valve connection. This will help avoid kinking the hose, which causes tears.

Did You Know?

  • The second most common cause of property loss is water damage, because of freezing pipes and plumbing leaks.
  • From 2007-2009, water damage caused 9.1 billion dollars annually in homeowner property losses. That is roughly 23 percent of all homeowner property losses.
  • The fastest growing element of homeowner’s insurance comes from water damage claims.

 Homeowners Insurance

If your property has experienced flood or water damage, you may be wondering what exactly your homeowner’s insurance will cover. The average cost of water damage restoration is about $1,500.  Therefore, it is important to know how much they will help in paying for reparations. Each policy is different, and what your insurance will or won’t cover depends on the source of the water damage. Each company has a wide range of policies, so if you have any questions about yours specifically, call your insurance provider.

What Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Usually, homeowners insurance will cover any damage that occurs from an inside water source, like burst pipes or toilet overflow. Water damage caused by an outside source is considered flooding and requires separate flood insurance. Even though insurance covers damages from an inside source, it will not cover the cost of fixing the actual appliance or broken pipe.  Coverage for mold growth caused by water damage also depends on the source.  If you have mold due to poor maintenance or age, your insurance will not cover it. And if your policy covers mold, there will most likely be a cap with specific conditions.

Mission Restorations has Your Back

As we have mentioned, what your insurance covers is based on the source and how severe the damage has gotten. The extent of the water damage may not be easily visible, and there may be mold growth. Therefore, it is very important to have a qualified professional inspect the situation. This will guarantee that your claim is filed accurately and that you will get the most from your insurance policy. No matter the circumstances, Mission Restorations will negotiate with your insurance and help with your claim. We want to make sure your property is put back in order as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

How We Can Help

Some forms of water damage are caused by flooding from storms, burst pipes, or accumulated water condensation. How the damage was caused with determine the appropriate way to fix it. As a certified, professional full-service water damage restoration company, we are experienced to handle every type of situation.

As already mentioned, it is important to get help right away. Contact our certified team and your insurance company before doing anything else. Having these two companies work together will give you two separate evaluations to compare. It will also be beneficial in finding the most cost-effective solution for you.

Don’t let the situation worsen by waiting. Call Mission Restorations today at 704-727-2000 today.

Water Damage Restoration 101
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  • Jim Borman says:

    The typical homeowners insurance policy sets coverage limits on collectibles, artwork, fine jewelry and other valuable items. If you have an extensive art collection or a lot of fine jewelry, you might need to purchase additional coverage.

  • Taylor Bishop says:

    Thanks for helping me learn more about water damage restoration. I didn’t know that homeowners insurance could potentially cover damage. Maybe it could be good to know what is covered exactly, just in case that information affects the restoration price.